In Bangladesh, the cloud kitchen is a relatively new idea. Cloud Kitchens, also called Ghost Kitchens, are simply restaurants that just deliver or are available for takeaway orders only. Their food is only offered through delivery partners or through their own delivery network. Since these restaurants are generally just commercial kitchens, they take extra care in preparing food and satisfying the customer’s food order, rather than focusing on the dine-in experiences.

Services of food delivery through food ordering apps are a thriving concept for Bangladesh in this modern age. With the increase of urbanization, people spend more time working outside, so they have very little time for cooking. Thus, they need an easy and fast solution to their hunger. This is where Cloud Kitchens become useful. With these delivery only kitchen services, the customer’s desired food will be delivered at their doorstep with no further problem. This is what is more preferred by a lot of Bangladeshi people now.

Bangladesh is quite a big consumer market with a population of 161.4 million. Nowadays, most urban households have two working parents and new generation Bangladeshi kids see two bread earners in the family. This changes their way of life, lifestyles, routines, and choices of food. People’s demand for availability of fast food with competitive prices is increasing. Fast foods and takeouts target people having shortage of time and their rising need to spend quality time with their nuclear families. Adding to it, Moreover, much of the productive hours of working women are spent on commute and working, so there isn’t much time for them to make home -cooked meals all by themselves.

Generally, working women spend a major part of their income on dining out or ordering takeouts. For Bangladesh restaurant industry, it is another primary reason behind the increase in demand of ordering in and takeouts. Home delivery services and take away have obtained many customers for commercial complexes at places like shopping centers, workplaces or large gatherings. People who frequently miss breakfast tend to order in on their way to work. Similarly, those who wish for a better option of meeting or corporate lunch tend to order in. For their spontaneity and convenience, everyone appears to be more than satisfied with the online food order and delivery services.

Cloud kitchens or Ghost kitchens are slowly developing a large market in Bangladesh. The drastic changes in lifestyle since early 2020, in turn, caused the rise of demands and patterns. As the Coronavirus began to spread, forcing people into social distancing, online food ordering businesses have started to rise and become more common. It appears to be a trend, one that is very likely to stay. Also, with time, the tenacity of food delivery apps has developed and persevered. Cloud Kitchens rose out of fierce competition and their development struggled to satisfy the needs of dining and delivery services.

In a nutshell, the booming food delivery industry is an area with incredible growth prospects in Bangladesh. However, the better performers in this time of uncertainty will surely create a space for themselves in the heart and mind of the consumers while keeping them, as well as the riders secure and healthy, and possibly even acquire attractive market share. Hence, it is evident that the fate of cloud kitchens in Bangladesh is turning out to be increasingly rewarding.

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