The idea of Ghost Kitchen is relatively new in Bangladesh. Ghost Kitchen, also known as Cloud Kitchen or Dark Kitchen is a concept where multiple food brands or small food outlets share kitchen space in the same facility but there is, however, no space for dine-in. The food can be picked up or ordered through apps like Shohoz, Foodpanda, Pathao, Evaly, Hungrynaki, or own customized app.


There are many ‘obvious’ advantages to this concept, which include: low operating costs and starting capital as costs relating to real estate and interior architecture are not needed. Due to the single infrastructure of cloud kitchens, they receive faster payback and are not at all rigid in trying diverse menu options or altering food brands as a whole. However, there are certain drawbacks that prospective entrepreneurs should definitely be aware of. The disadvantages may include low operating costs being replaced with the additional technological costs and the growing need to increase focus on the quality of food as it becomes the only judge of the overall quality of the brand because of the elimination of parameters like dine-in experiences and ambiance. On top of that, without an extremely talented in-house marketing team, there might be a continuous failure when it comes to generating revenue.

Let us now get a basic idea of the ghost kitchen concept works.

Stage 1: Customers place the orders through a mobile app or website

Stage 2: Order details are received by the kitchen

Stage 3: The ordered meal is prepared

Stage 4: The prepared meal is packed properly

Stage 5: Delivery team deliver the parcel to the customers

As we can see, there are no waiters or sitting arrangements in the picture, only chefs who cook different food and a person packs it.

Ghost Kitchen basically survives on the internet. And Bangladeshi people are already improving their lifestyle by using the internet. Through e-commerce, suppliers or even service providers can get orders from customers from the internet and save a lot of time in the process. More recently, supermarkets are utilizing the internet to obtain orders from consumers and sending them the ordered goods within a very short time. Statistics from the last few years show that e-commerce in Bangladesh has promising growth rates. Both the entrepreneurs and the government have been aware of the situation and have taken necessary steps to make it sustainable.

Within the e-commerce industry, online food delivery is seen as a sector with immense potential. In Bangladesh, demand for food delivery is predicted to increase 7 to 10 times in the coming five years. The market analysts pointed out that this rising market will develop the economic structure of Bangladesh as well as revolutionize the service industry, e-commerce technology, lifestyle, and infrastructures.

Furthermore, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has proven to be troublesome for many industries, along with the F&B industry. There are reasons why Ghost Kitchen can work as an alternative plan to the original one: new social norms are driving people to become active virtually rather than engaging physically. Restaurants are at risk even with social distancing as ventilation-assisted airflow can keep the virus airborne. From the very beginning of the year 2020, the whole world has encountered severe lifestyle changes that have given rise to changing trends and demands. The demand for online delivery platforms has increased drastically with the appearance of COVID-19 and social distancing, and it is very likely that this trend is here to stay for a long time. Subsequently, it can be expected that the future of cloud kitchens in Bangladesh will be turning out to be increasingly worthwhile, as the possibility of great food from the solace of individual homes appears to be even more alluring to customers everywhere. All things considered, cloud kitchens are advancing on the right track in making new food structures for delivery and will keep on thriving in its activities provided that all the players in the economy, for example, the food delivery platforms and restaurants or kitchens guarantee to take part together in agreement.

Finally, to wrap it up, it can be stated that cloud kitchen has an incredible future in Bangladesh as people are currently becoming more connected with technologies and smartphones. Likewise, individuals are becoming accustomed to buying through the internet as it is a convenient method for a hectic urban life as well as being very cost-effective.

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