At Onnow, we take immense pride in our commitment to providing urban eaters with an exceptional and diverse dining experience. We’ve revolutionized the way you enjoy your daily meals by operating the largest virtual brand network in Dhaka. With our innovative approach and a focus on culinary excellence, we’re here to cater to your diverse tastes, ensuring that you always have exciting and affordable meals within reach.

Explore Our Expansive Network

When we say we operate the largest virtual brand network, we mean it. With six incredible brands under our wing, we’ve taken Dhaka by storm, offering a diverse range of culinary creations. Whether you’re in the mood for mouthwatering wraps, premium burgers, delightful momos, or loaded Aussie-style fries, we’ve got you covered.

Our Outlets


Friggy’s – Mirpur DOHS (Shaheda’s Kitchen)
Friggy’s – Dhanmondi (Butter Finger)
Friggy’s – Gendaria (La Cuisson)
Friggy’s – Baridhara R/A (Nopur Home Kitchen)
Friggy’s – Uttara 13 (Urmi’s Cuisine)
Friggy’s – Baridhara Embassy Road (Runa’s Kitchen)
Friggy’s – Uttara 12 (From Zero)
Friggy’s – Mohammadpur (Mom’s Kitchen)
Friggy’s – Bashundhara (Tarulata’s Kitchen)
Friggy’s – Rajabazar (Ferdous Kitchen)
Friggy’s – Baridhara DOHS (Parvin’s Kitchen)
Friggy’s – Gulshan Link Road (Rogina’s Cuisine)


Snackmate – Gulshan Link Road (Ayaat Kitchen)
Snackmate – Kalabagan (Nuha’s Kitchen)
Snackmate – Rayar Bazar (Ariba’s Kitchen)
Snackmate – Dhaka Cantonment (Zoha’s Kitchen)
Snackmate – Baridhara R/A (Nopur Home Kitchen)
Snackmate – Lalbagh (Sonia’s Kitchen)
Snackmate – Dhanmondi (Butter Finger)
Snackmate – North Bashundhara (Sumi’s Kitchen)
Snackmate – Mirpur 1 (Shakila’s Kitchen)
Snackmate – Badda (NNR Sweet and Frozen Food)
Snackmate – Gendaria (Ayaan’s Food)
Snackmate – Mohammadpur (Mom’s & Daughter Kitchen)
Snackmate – Farmgate (Moa Murki)
Snackmate – Mirpur 15 (Rosai Ghor)
Snackmate – Uttara 13 (Hello Food by Simthy)
Snackmate – Banglabazar (Sumaira’s Kitchen)
Snackmate – Baridhara Embassy Road (Runa’s Kitchen)
Snackmate – Mohakhali (K Te Kitchen)
Snackmate – Bashundhara (Tarulata’s Kitchen)
Snackmate – Banasree (Smile Kitchen)
Snackmate – Tajmahal Road (Mohima’s Kitchen)
Snackmate – Uttara 7 (T’s Kitchen)
Snackmate – Mirpur 10 (Rupa’s Kitchen)


Wrappo – Lalmatia (Foodswiggy)
Wrappo – Gulshan 2 (Hari Bari)
Wrappo – Baridhara R/A (Tamanna’s Kitchen)
Wrappo – Farmgate (Moa Murki)
Wrappo – Bashundhara R/A (LS Kitchen)
Wrappo – Uttara 13 (Hello Food by Simthy)
Wrappo – Dhanmondi (Butter Finger)
Wrappo – Mirpur 15 (Rosai Ghor)
Wrappo – Mohammadia Housing (Irin’s Kitchen)
Wrappo – Mohammadpur (Mom’s Kitchen)
Wrappo – Gendaria (Ayaan’s Food)
Wrappo – Lalbagh (SR Achar Ghar)
Wrappo – Dhaka Cantonment (Zoha’s Kitchen)
Wrappo – Mirpur 1 (Dina’s Kitchen)
Wrappo – Rajabazar (Ferdous Kitchen)
Wrappo – Banasree (Smile Kitchen)
Wrappo – Kallyanpur (Sister’s Recipe)
Wrappo – Baridhara DOHS (Parvin’s Kitchen)
Wrappo – Malibagh (Kitchen Park)
Wrappo – Dhaka Commerce College (Singel Bites)
Wrappo – Banglabazar (Sumaira’s Kitchen)
Wrappo – Gulshan (Angels Kitchen)

Momo Mountains

Momo Mountains – Dhanmondi (Butter Finger)
Momo Mountains – Baridhara R/A (Tamanna’s Kitchen)
Momo Mountains – North Bashundhara (Sumi’s Kitchen)
Momo Mountains – Badda (NNR Sweet and Frozen Food)
Momo Mountains – Mirpur DOHS (Shaheda’s Kitchen)
Momo Mountains – Tajmahal Road (Mohima’s Kitchen)
Momo Mountains – Lalbagh (SR Achar Ghar)
Momo Mountains – Shahjahanpur (Kitchen Rupantor)
Momo Mountains – Mohammadia Housing (Irin’s Kitchen)
Momo Mountains – Uttara 13 (Urmi’s Cuisine)
Momo Mountains – Gulshan (Angels Kitchen)


Fuiyoh – Khilgaon
Fuiyoh – Malibagh
Fuiyoh – Lalmatia
Fuiyoh – Gulshan Link Road
Fuiyoh – Mirpur 10

Burger Oppa

Burger Oppa – Gulshan 2 (Hari Bari)
Burger Oppa – Lalmatia (Foodswiggy)
Burger Oppa – Gulshan Link Road (Ayaat Kitchen)
Burger Oppa – Dhanmondi (Butter Finger)
Burger Oppa – Bashundhara (LS Kitchen)
Burger Oppa – Lalbagh (Sonia’s Kitchen)
Burger Oppa – Gendaria (La Cuisson)
Burger Oppa – Baridhara (Tamanna’s Kitchen)
Burger Oppa – Mohammadpur (Mom’s & Daughter Kitchen)
Burger Oppa – Rayer Bazar (Ariba’s Kitchen)
Burger Oppa – Uttara 12 (From Zero)
Burger Oppa – Rajabazar (Shorna’s Kitchen)
Burger Oppa – Kalabagan (Nuha’s Kitchen)
Burger Oppa – Uttara 7 (T’s Kitchen)
Burger Oppa – Shahjahanpur (Kitchen Rupantor)
Burger Oppa – Mirpur 10 (Bake You Proud)

Our virtual brands are available across multiple apps and platforms.

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