Do you own a restaurant? Are you looking to earn extra revenue and maximize profit?

We understand you are in a tough space. Competition is increasing day by day along with shrinking margins. Dependency on food aggregator apps is growing and restaurants are not able to spend money on marketing.

Take a franchise of Hangrry by Onnow.

Welcome to Hangrry, where Profit meets Flavor! By becoming a Hangrry Franchise Partner, your restaurant can unlock new horizons of profitability. Joining our network means broadening your customer base with an established brand, streamlining operations to reduce waste, diversifying your menu offerings, and tapping into the power of online ordering. We provide the tools and expertise to help you thrive in the digital age, ensuring that your restaurant continues to prosper, even when diners choose to savor your meals from the comfort of their homes. Don’t miss the opportunity to maximize your earnings with Hangrry!

Onnow is here to help you to survive during these tough times.

Tahmid, CEO of Onnow

How it works?

With us, you can achieve profitability by utilizing your existing resources in your restaurant’s kitchen. Our Restaurant (Franchise) Partners are an integral part of our network and work with us to produce Hangrry branded food and grow their dine-in as well as online revenue.

Please Note: Even after taking our Hangrry franchise, you can still continue selling your own brand with your own menu items.
🛒 Purchase

On the grounds of quality, reputation, uniformity, and consistency, you will purchase certain supplies, ingredients, or packaging directly from us.

🍳 Meal Preparation

After receiving our training, you will look after the overall production responsibility and prepare meals of our brand in your kitchen.

📲 Order Receiving

We will manage the presence of our brand on food aggregator platforms, and utilize our strong existing relationship to drive more orders.

🚴🏼‍♀️ Delivery

Our own delivery fleet for direct orders, or food aggregator delivery riders will deliver food to customers.

📣 Marketing Support

We are committed to helping our franchise partners succeed, and a key aspect of that commitment is providing comprehensive marketing support. Our dedicated marketing team works hand in hand with franchisees to ensure that your Hangrry franchise reaches its full potential.

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We know it can get tough to understand everything in one go. Get in touch with us and we will be more than happy to provide detailed knowledge on this which will help you to understand better.

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