Onnow launches country’s first hyperlocal plug-and-play restaurant franchise Hangrry

Onnow, Bangladesh’s only Silicon Valley-backed food startup, has set a groundbreaking milestone by launching the country’s inaugural tech-enabled hyperlocal plug-and-play restaurant franchise called ‘Hangrry’, with first location at Palmer’s Cafe, opposite to the IBA hostel in Dhaka.

The inauguration ceremony witnessed the esteemed presence of Onnow’s Co-founder, Tahsin Rob, Lawrence Palmer, the owner of Palmer’s Cafe, along with several other respected individuals.

In a very unique approach, the food from the Hangrry menu can only be ordered via Onnow Instant App which rewards customers with amazing discounts and gifts when the order is placed through the Onnow platform.

Simultaneously, Onnow remains true to its roots by expanding our network of SuperChefs, empowering local home cooks to craft exceptional meals in the safety and comfort of their homes.

In essence, Onnow’s diverse initiatives, whether through Hangrry’s physical outlets or our collaboration with SuperChefs, converge into a singular vision: to redefine the culinary scene with exciting, innovative meals that prioritize food safety and taste.

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